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The Benefits Of Article Marketing For SEO Boost

Article marketing is one of the best ways to get an avalanche of traffic to your website or blog. Among various techniques used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the best way to get free, search engine traffic; article marketing has proven to be the best way to get huge amount of traffic. Here are the benefits of article marketing:

1. Good search engine traffic : Leading article marketing sites like ezinearticles, Buzzle, Articlebase, Ehow, Goarticles etc have high authority with thousands of hits in a day and very good exposure in search engines like Google

2. Backlinks through article directories: As mentioned, the best article marketing sites have high authority. So, if you post an article in an article directory and it shows up in the first two pages of Google, it means the readers will read your article and then click on the link that leads to your website through the resource box. This means you get a valuable backlink considering that these article marketing sites have very high PageRank.

3. Credibility to you and your site: As you keep on submitting articles to a directory, you become more familiar with people in the directory. The effect is viral because people will tend to read more of your articles as they accumulate over a period of time. This increases your credibility and there is more familiarity with your site.

4. Cheapest and effective form of Search Engine Optimization: You can imagine how much money one will have to pay for paid search marketing (PPC-Pay Per Click). But article marketing if used well, can not only be better than Pay Per Click but also work at no cost without any risk.

5. Distribution to multiple directories: You can widen your traffic exposure and become famous in the world of Internet marketing through leveraging various article directories. After you have submitted your site to one of the article directories, you can modify your article a little bit and send them to other article directories, so that there is no issue of duplicate content. Search engines do not penalize duplicate content but they can push them behind. So, it is better to change your article content to some extent and repost them in other article directories.

6. Time- your only investment: In article marketing, you have to just invest your time. You can hire someone to write and distribute the articles to various article directories, if you want. All in all, the cost will be quite negligible compared to the scaling costs that are involved in paid search like Pay Per Click.

7. Good for affiliate products: if you want to sell an affiliate product, you can use the power of article marketing site to send traffic to the affiliate site. But be informed, that most article directories do not allow you to put the affiliate link; however you can use your site link where you can have content about the product that you want to sell. What you can do in article directories is presell the articles in the best manner possible and you can get a huge stream of traffic that will be interesting in buying your product.